Special memorable
in Osaka Sam & DAVE
Why do not you held?


Sam & Dave Osaka-Kobe is an ideal venue to host a private event. South of Umeda and downtown is a center of Osaka, and I have offices in Kobe. All of the station and taxi rank, major hotels, and also to access from the main tourist destination is located in a very convenient location.
Our company specializes in corporate functions, networking reception, and product development. There is also this history is, Sam & Dave of venue is the only international recreational facilities, and other entertainment venues in Japan also you can experience how fun that was different homeopathic.
Sam & Dave is in accordance with the content of the various events, high various general purpose of which is designed to accommodate the request is a space around the music. From meals, to customize drinks, decorations and music, and other requests to your liking, you can for you to use as an event venue.


Other special no
wedding or
a birthday party
at Sam & Dave
Do not try to hold?

Sam & Dave a nice wedding and birthday party in Osaka. . . The moment you arrive at the venue, opened the door, there is another world. In the mood, which became a star, please enjoy the day. Sam & Dave VIP gotten come to the guest, the guest members of the wedding or birthday, and we will respond with the best hospitality that can be provided. In champagne VIP support of experienced staff will have, please spend a certainly unforgettable moments. Weekly top DJ who has been active in Osaka performance, is ideal for holding a weekend party! More than 100 guests, or even to weddings and birthday party at a small number of people we offer a variety of packages that can accommodate.


With respect to contents of a set

  • Organizer like, people guests free admission
  • Welcome call at the time of the admission
  • Champagne two gift
  • VIP priority reservation at the time of the next available
  • Offer of cake
  • Souvenir on arrival
  • Offer of private table?
    (congestion at the time I might not be available)
  • Sam & Dave of serving weekend at VIP
    guidance of package


In that very grateful, well it is coming from the customer to Sam & Dave’s love I am Osha~tsu, also Irasshaimasu and that only want to enjoy Some of our customers to sit slowly the music. Toshimashite benefits where I am to reserve a VIP, and at the same time be able to break it once away from the dance floor, the music is in the place called enjoy as it is.
VIP area is located in the back of the floor, it is so overlooking the store. In addition, the booked customers, in addition to table service, we receive a gift of champagne.
By professional staff friendly and can accommodate groups of up to 5 to 20 people.